Hello Gooselings! In the early 1990s YMCA storyteller, The Old Gray Goose joined forces with producer Geoffrey Giuliano in their hometown of Lockport, New York on the banks of the iconic Erie canal to create five masterful storytelling audiobooks. Originally released as CDs, 3 years ago the audiobooks, (now numbering 16) were compiled by sourcing the original 5 full productions and augmenting them with rare outtakes, unused tracks, and exclusive interviews. Now for the first time since the 1990s at the end of the 20th century, the five original audiobooks are released in one super gigantic program. This now iconic work will contain exactly what Goose recorded at Avalon Studios on Market Street in Lockport all those years ago. Here then are the popular, evergreen recordings presented as Goose himself wanted them. Although it took producer Giuliano 10 years to get the Old Gray Goose inside of a studio it took another 5 to get him out! Goose loved telling his stories on tape and did so with great enthusiasm and overwhelming charisma. Sadly we lost Goose a few years ago but thanks to that long ago partnership between two old friends from Camp Kenan on the pastoral shores of Lake Ontario Goose’s ingratiating persona, loving presence, wonderful stories, silly songs and tall tales will live forever HERE IS THE OLD GRAY GOOSE ONE LAST TIME WITH HIS NOW HISTORIC ORIGINAL FIVE HEARTWARMING AUDIOBOOKS! Includes: 32 STORIES GOOD AND TRUE CAMPFIRE TALES Also included are the two beautiful, insightful, educational productions recorded in Jagannatha Puri, India STORIES OF ANCIENT INDIA UNDER THE BANYAN TREE Finally here to is Goose’s most commercially popular release, SCARY STORIES FOR HALLOWEEN AND EVERYDAY which was released by KRB Music to tumultuous claim on CD (and is now a prized collector’s item with original editions fetching up to $100 on eBay and Amazon) The Old Gray Goose – stories for children of all ages!

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