The House the Beatles Built: A Memoir of My Time Working for Geoffrey Giuliano is a witty, irreverent, turbulent take on a young man’s internship as the literary associate of rock biographer Giuliano. Set in 1991, during the last gasp of the white glove publishing industry, this was a time before the Internet, before authors were interviewed in their living rooms on Skype but rather traveled the world like kings, bedding down in exotic locales the world over at the publishers’ expense. Journeyman author Brandon Stickney gives us a glimpse into the narcissistic, upside-down world of the outrageous tabloid biographer in the last golden moments of an industry now decimated by the digital revolution. It was a time of riches for even moderately successful authors caught here as a snapshot of avarice, vice, and unrestrained ego, served up in a delightfully funny and engaging narrative. Narrated by his old boss.

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