“It is better to deny God, than to defy God. Sometimes our weakness is considered strength, and we take delight in borrowed greatness. To profess to be a lover of God and then to be dishonest to God, to the world and to himself, is unparalleled hypocrisy. Difficulties give us the opportunity to prove our greatness by overcoming them.” MEHER “Life under Baba’s umbrella is more exciting than watching 2001. The music you hear in your head is more mind blowing than any cuts from any album. You hear and see what you need to hear and see. There’s nothing more exciting and entertaining than knowing that the past wasn’t wasted and the present isn’t being wasted, and thus neither will the future be. Even when things don’t go too well, you can somehow take it.” PETE TOWNSHEND Meher Baba, born Merwan Sheriar Iran on February 25, 1894 was a beloved Indian spiritual master who said he was the Avatar or God in human form. When he was nineteen, he contacted five spiritual teachers before beginning his own mission and gathering his own disciples in early 1922, at the age of twenty-seven. From July 1925 to the end of his life Baba maintained silence, communicating by means of an alphabet board or by unique hand gestures. In 1931, Meher Baba made the first of many visits to the West, where he attracted many dedicated followers. Meher Baba continued what he called his “Universal Work”, which included fasting and seclusion, until his death on January 31,1969. His samadhi in Meherabad, India, has become a place of international pilgrimage.

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