Here is the Beatles incredible story in their own words! Once again internationally acclaimed, best-selling biographer and actor Geoffrey Giuliano tears back the decades-old veil of myth and unquestioning hero worship surrounding the Beatles’ turbulent lives and presents the frank, often heart-wrenching tale of four talented, driven young men from suburban Liverpool thrust upon the world stage and into the stratosphere of untouchable, eternal super stardom. Utilizing a wealth of rare press conferences and never-before-heard conversations here is the last word on the Beatles’ astounding life and times. The Fab Four speak out exclusively on their ground breaking music, art, incredible success, the often-oppressive constraints of global Beatlemania and the life-changing effect it had on their amazing, yet turbulent lives. Here is the perfect collection celebrating the Beatles for every dedicated fan, music historian, the media, as well as all school, library, institutional and university collections. An ultra-rare, exciting, once in a life time audio experience for every generation! . The interviews are from 1962 to 1970.

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