Welcome to Icon audiobooks at their most terrifying, Provocative and mysterious. Here is a classic audiobook which reaches across the waters of time deep to the inner recesses of the darkest corners of the human mind. Whether or not these are truly horror stories depends on the always fragile state of mind of the attentive listener, but they are dark, often foreboding, and delightfully full of dread. Perhaps more than pure horror they are rather cautionary tales displaying the depths of nameless immortality, criminality and insanity which has plauged humankind from time immemorial. Or perhaps they are something more – a frightening window into the dark unknown, the otherworldly, and truly evil. One thing for sure however, this jarring, well-crafted tale of desperation, death, violence and depravity has the power to rattle the expectant listener to the very core as well as opening doors which might better stay closed taking us upon roads which should not be thoughtlessly travelled, and alleyways to misadventure which wander off into the weeds of self doubt and numbing isolation. Still, the silent pull to take this unexpected trek into the unknown is strong may well lead you into a room full of mirrors where you might not like all that you see… but don’t worry friends, I’ll be with you every step of the way!

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