In 1983 Yoko Ono selected journalist Geoffrey Giuliano for an exclusive interview (one of her first after the tragic death of John Lennon) over the iconic Barbara Walters. Arriving early at the Dakota apartments for what was initially a one-hour interview it turned into an all-day affair with Giuliano staying until early evening talking freely with Yoko Ono and a young Sean Lennon. The remarkable interview presented here is the fruit of that long-ago day which turned out to be much more than just a one-off interview. Subsequent to that first visit Geoffrey formed some kind of a relationship with Yoko and regularly visited the Dakota and spoke with her on the phone. This interview was partially used for a feature in Playgirl magazine that same year so with approximately 90% of the tape left unheard for decades. This then is the complete record of their first afternoon together in the rambling white Gothic apartment of the great John Lennon.

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