What is it which still drives The Rolling Stones, all well into their 70s (with the exception of guitarist Ron Wood) to continue to commit to the grueling grind of international touring year after year? Although they all have large families it certainly can’t be the money anymore. They pretty much all stopped drinking and drugging, and despite their sometimes outrageous appearance lead fairly conservative familial lives. The wild adulation of the fans, let’s face it, after 50+ years must, by definition, become rather tiresome. Yet still the answer as to why they continue to do what they do so well is very simple – it’s the music stupid. The fact is the Rolling Stones get the same incredible high-octane kick out of their music as the fans do. And why not play music into your 70s – all of their original heroes, the old Delta blues men certainly did! In this unique audiobook by actor, author, narrator Geoffrey Giuliano you’ll find the very best of the Stones in their own words and of those who know them best. For every committed fan, popular music historian, casual listener, student of 20th century art and culture, curious commuter, as well as all library and school systems, here is the perfect audio addition to your collection. Listen to it, learn from it, and enjoy the incredible spectacle, high art and unthinkable longevity of the fabulous and imaginative rock band founded so many years ago by the late great Brian Jones. Ladies and gentlemen The Rolling Stones!