These wonderful, rarely told stories from the transcendental, inspirational, unparalleled life of the beautiful blue Lord Bhagavan Sri Krsna, are artfully told in a loving, inspirational, creative and highly original way. The divine pastimes of Sri Krsna, the playful cowherd of the mystical realm of Vrndavana, are the stuff of legend and are presented here in an enjoyable, lively, authentic way. A must have classic audio adventure for all serious Yoga enthusiasts, spiritual seekers, Bhaktas and followers of Vaishnava lore. An authentic, timeless, treasure from the ancient, throbbing, peerless heart of spiritual India. A beautifully crafted, professional production featuring a full and very talented cast. Suitable for all ages. “A meaningful audiobook masterpiece.” Rolling Stone “Brings out the Hare Krsna in people they didn’t even know they had!” The London Sunday Times