The Old Gray Goose the world’s most beloved storyteller it’s currently over 153 years old! He hails from Weymouth, Massachusetts, and is the youngest son of Mother Goose. For many years he worked at the YMCA in Lockport, New York, and was the program director at Camp Kenan in nearby Barker. Goose has the magical ability to turn virtually every minute of the day into an exciting fun adventure. His original stories, funny songs, tall tales, and white lies have entertained, mesmerized and enthralled people young and old for decades. Whether he’s around the campfire performing in his old pit helmet and tennis racket guitar, biking with campers around Lake Ontario, running with the Olympic torch to the delight of his legions of fans, or just sitting around the camp playing a friendly game of tetherball or talking with the campers the Old Gray Goose is that one in a million; a great storyteller, a great advocate of young people, and most importantly – a great man! Here is the very best of the wonderful Old Gray Goose.

From deep in the wee wood, just beyond the fairy castle, bubbling brook, and mystical mountains, the Old Gray Goose spins a golden collection of tales guaranteed to inspire young people everywhere. A gift every parent should give their child.