Geoffrey Giuliano (Jagannatha Dasa) has been a devout student of devotional yoga since the age of fifteen. He has written extensively on the subject and resided as a Vaishnava monk in India for five long years in the ancient, holy pilgrimage places of Vrndavana, Rishikesh and Puri. Here, along with master musician and composer Kurt Max, as well as close friends Richie Havens and Ben E. King, Giuliano presents what might well be considered the cream of his own unique spiritual journey and the timeless knowledge gathered along the way. Featuring: Requiem For Olcott Beach God Alone Is Hare Krsna Mantra Underhanded Fly Away Home Heartless Vrnda Puja Closer To The Edge Vaishnava KIrtan Food For All (Homes For All) Radhe Govinda Bolo All in all unique incantation of words and music to the greater truth within us all. Perfect for all university, school, and library collections as well as students of Yoga and eastern mysticism. Hare Om Tat Sat.