Moving Mountains is a powerful, inspirational work aimed at bringing together people of different religious traditions, spiritual or humanistic beliefs. This unique interfaith dialogue, is inclusive of all peoples including atheists, agnostics, humanists, and others with no targeted religious faith but strong ethical or philosophical beliefs. Throughout the world there are longstanding local, regional, national and international interfaith initiatives which provide great comfort and wisdom to people of all nations. The often quoted “There will be no peace among nations without peace amongst religions,” points the way to meaningful peacebuilding in our increasingly troubled world. Meher Baba was a charismatic Indian spiritual master who claimed to be his era’s Avatar, or God in human form. A major spiritual figure of the 20th century, Baba, who remained silent for decades, claimed devoted followers from the hundreds of thousands to the millions. Here is a charming collection of stories from the spiritual heart of the world’s great traditions which will console, inspire, enliven and enlighten the receptive listener.