A REMARKABLE GUIDED MEDITATION BY A 50 YEAR YOGI “Sripad Jagannatha Dasa guides us into the sacred heart of Bhakti yoga in this life-changing work as only a dedicated lifelong Krishna devotee might.” The Yoga Journal One of the first pieces of Krishna conscious literature widely distributed in the western world, this work inspired many to investigate the spiritual dimension of their lives. This is the opportunity to understand the deepest truth of devotional yoga. If you miss this opportunity in the human form of life–the developed consciousness–you will slip again into the cycle of 8 million, 400 thousand species of life one form after another. We are still within the evolutionary process, but that evolutionary process should be forward, progressive. Bhaktivedanta Swami entreats us; “Don’t go downward. By your many years of endeavor, you have come forward to this stage of life. Now, make further progress. Progress toward Sri Krishna. Don’t go back!”