Here is the true-life story of America’s first yogic saint in his brief, but impressive life as one of the first and foremost authentic masters to step out of the 5000-year-old tradition of devotional yoga and into the hurly-burly of American life now so long ago. Although many have heard his name and perhaps a few fleeting quotations of his timeless, inspirational philosophy, few have had the opportunity to fully understand the amazing life and times of this impressive spiritual giant from the great, mysterious Indian subcontinent. Swamiji was the very first Indian teacher of the Hindu faith to base his preaching mission in the United States and Europe. Vivekananda was then, and is now, a beacon of light to millions and his touching, inspirational, well thought out books have gently educated and inspired people ever since. Here for the first and only time, is the authentic audio biography of one of India’s greatest treasures. In this busy 21st-century world of an unending quest for all things yogic here is the authentic progenitor of a vast spiritual movement which continues to touch the lives of sincere spiritual seekers the world over. A must have audio event for seekers of all faiths and traditions.
“An instant classic on perhaps India’s greatest saint.” The Yoga Journal
“The father of the yoga in the West and one of the world’s greatest masters.” George Harrison