Volume 6: Jim buys Angie a mink coat, Paul does not approve. Linda did not appreciate pretty ladies working around Paul. Jim warns Angie not to criticize Paul and Linda. The ladies sleep rough on the floorboards. Jim McCartney’s health declines. Jealousy in the McCartney clan. Leaving Rembrandt for a much smaller bungalow. Jim’s last days. Cynthia Lennon pays her respects. Paul, Linda and the kids say goodbye. Paul hugs Angie and tells her, “you’ll never want for anything.” Angie and Ruth break down. Jim repeatedly saw the Grim Reaper at the window. Paul wanted to be the first one to know when Jim died. Poppy’s stopped! Paul and Linda did not attend Jim’s funereal. Jim’s clothes are pretty much looted by the Liverpool family only hours after his death. The relatives begin to give Angie the cold shoulder. George and Ringo were very kind to the girls. Bad vibes from Paul McCartney and Wings. Dressing room drama. Paul advises Jim to get rid of Angie. Weird times on Paul’s Scottish farm. Old Jim had to sleep on a mattress in the cold stone floor. Ruth had to use a horse blanket. Flies in the milk. Little Mary is given a toke on a joint. Paul’s kids draw on the new furniture. Contains adult language and mature themes.