Volume 2: Ruth and Angie on Twiggy and Apple Records director Ron Kass. The advent of Mary Hopkin. Sleeping with Rod Stewart. Secrets of Paul’s bedroom at his dad’s home in Liverpool. Mike McCartney’s famous overnight guests. Dusty Springfield and Madeline Bell implode 1967. Macca seldom drank. The phycology of the McCartney Clan. Paul’s songwriting habits. Secrets of She’s Leaving Home, Hey Jude, Norwegian Wood, Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, When I’m 64. Paul to marry Cynthia Lennon? On Drake’s Drum Jim McCartney’s very successful race horse. Jim was a careful gambler. Linda redecorates Rembrandt with disastrous results. Termites in Beatle Paul’s bed! A sexual McCartneys? Angie likes Linda. Angie’s does not like Paul. Ruth breaks down in a very emotional plea to her brother. The ghosts of John Lennon and Jimmy Mac. Who is the real Paul McCartney. The role of Linda in Paul’s life. Paul is often a moral coward. Ruth becomes a pop star in Russia. Contains adult language and mature themes. Not recommended for children