The incarnations of Vishnu are a recurrent theme in Vedic history. Vishnu exists outside the material realm as the creator, and within every being as the Supersoul. He also enters this world as an avatar, ‘one who descends’, to restore balance whenever his presence is needed. “Whenever there is a decline of religion and a rise of irreligion, I incarnate myself. To protect the good, to destroy the wicked, and to re-establish religious principles, I appear in every age.” There are said to be more incarnations of Godhead than waves on the ocean. The avatars of Vishnu are of particular interest because He takes progressively more developed forms, from fish, tortoise and boar to half-animal, half-man, and finally human form. That God should incarnate as an animal, even a supernatural one, shows animals have an important role to play in God’s eyes. They are living expressions of the spirit and presence of God. Here are the subtle secret teachings of Neem Karoli Baba, the master of Ram Das, Krishna Das and so many more. These ancient yogic mysteries were taught only to Maharaji’s most advanced disciples and were thought to be all but lost these many years. Coming now from a nearly 50-year devotee of Karoli Baba here is a singular opportunity to enter into the true mystical presence of the divine incarnations of the absolute.