Death – it comes to us all. it is a sacrifice for the good life we lead at the end of our long fortuitous road. Or is it? For millenniums the yogis of India following the ancient Vedic path have clearly spoken about what we call in the west- life after death.To the unenlightened materialist life begins with birth and ends with the final inevitable dissolution of the gross material body. But to the enlightened ones ordinary life and death are seen ias nothing particularly special – and at most the unclouded end of the infinite beginning. It is true that some of the more virtuous and godly among us may escape the never ending wheel of repeated birth and death however most are commanded to return to this material world by the process of reincarnation, or if they are particularly unlucky hover around this gross material sphere for untold eons as homeless, restless, disembodied, hopeless, spirits. It is of these unfortunate souls to whom we address this most unique Icon audiobook presentation. Here for the first time is the secret yoga of the ghostly realms.