Jeffrey Joseph Juliana, nee Geoffrey Giuliano, nee Jaganntha Dasa, is a man of many faces and adventures. A plumber’s son from Western, New York now in his mid-sixties, this transient soul has experienced a wide swath of poverty, riches, fame, anonymity , hedonism and piety. At the same time 50% monk and 50% monkey, Giuliano is best known as the author of a shelfful of books on the Beatles and other rock icons, a well known film actor, world traveler, vegetarian activist, and very public devotee of Sri Krishna. Here is his rags to riches then back to rags story as told by himself, in an honest, enlightening, often shocking, sometimes humorous look back on the first nineteen years of his often unlikely life and times. This first installment of his autobiography focuses on the years 1953 to 1971 and his trek from small town kid, to all American 1960’s hippie, to enthusiastic young seeker of Lord Krishna in the early years of the Hare Krishna Movement. While this is uniquely Geoffrey’s story it is also a similar tale to many who lived through the same era. If the child is the father of the man then this collection of cutting memories explains a great deal about the bold, creative character Giuliano later became. There are many words here – many of them bad. Introduction / Dr. Timothy Leary.